Why Choose Property Assistant?

We all know maintenance jobs are never simply ‘call the contractor and the job is done.’ That’s why Property Assistant is an essential resource for all building, property and facility managers. We take the stress out of your daily maintenance needs by getting to know you and your client. What sets Property Assistant apart from other maintenance companies is that each client is assigned a dedicated project manager. No matter what specific requirements you have we tailor our service to you as our relationship grows. Whether the job is a simple call out or requires multiple trades, your personal project manger will be there from start to finish. You may simply require some advice or guidance with a maintenance issue, no worries, get in touch now and one of our Project managers will be happy to assist with no obligation.


All too often we hear from our clients that they have experienced the following issues when it comes to maintenance and contractors;

“We spend so much time on maintenance that we can’t focus on other important aspects of property/building/facility management”

One of the most important things that we can do for you at Property Assistant is save you time, so you can get on with other important aspects of your job.

“The tenant calls me with a maintenance issue and sometimes I don’t even know what trade to call”

Property Assistant makes it easy by being your one point of contact for all jobs. Sometimes you may not know what trade you need, that’s were we can help. Your experienced project manager will attend the site, investigate what the issue is and arrange the correct person to get the work done.

“Sometimes I need multiple tradesmen to attend site but how do I ensure they work together to remedy the issue”

That’s why property assistant is such an essential resource. Maintenance is never straight forward, so your dedicated project manager will arrange the right personnel and ensure that all involved are working together towards the same goal.

“I’m forever calling contractors for quotes and they often let me down by not doing as they agreed”

We know how hard it is to find quality, reliable tradesmen; we guarantee the quality of workmanship, we’ll always show up when agreed and quotes will be sent through to you in the agreed time frame.

“I can’t find a handy man to complete small maintenance jobs”

We can help you with any sized job from that small niche job to multiple trade renovation projects.

“I’m always having to chase up my contractors, whether it be for quotes, invoices or trying to arrange a meeting. Its just so hard remembering what jobs I have on and at what stage”

By having a dedicated project manager, communication is easy. We’ll follow up with you so you can focus on your work. We will keep in touch regarding the works you have on the go and follow up with you throughout the process. No more running around after contractors.

“I need to get multiple quotes for my client but its hard enough getting one”

If you have a large job that requires multiple quotes, Property Assistant can organize and arrange these on your behalf so you can present them to your client or committee.


Our priority is to reduce the amount of time that you spend on maintenance and project management on a daily basis!

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